Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Internationally acclaimed painter, printmaker, illustrator, and lecturer. Works published in New York Times, as well as American and European publications including Kniga/ Moscow and Anaya/ Madrid.
Born in Lviv, Ukraine. Graduated Lviv Polygraphic Institute in Fine Arts, 1971.
Pictures and graphic papers of Yuri Tchary amaze with their plastic orchestration. Combining lines and flatnesses into an image, before penetrating into the subject you enjoy this endless play of fragmentations and interchanges, this richness of the space in plastic events - in a word, all magic of purely artistic making which Tchary certainly masters best of all in the world. And whatever would be portrayed by the master- catharsis is guaranteed by that how it has been done. Fixedness of drawing, another characteristic feature of Tchary's compositions, was a result of unprecedented sensitiveness of the eye to the scales of “not-light” from the fathomless dark to the lightest white. Light colour symphonies of work on the paper testified: Tchary sees, distinguishes and embodies what the ordinary eye doesn’t see, doesn’t distinguish. But the talent for displaying invisible to the world is given to the artist not only in the sphere of eurhythmics. He is granted to make visible form of that innermost weightlessness, which is called human soul.